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At Blackhole Media, we believe in the power of ideas. Our comprehensive Full-Service Agency is based in Budapest, but we work with B2B clients near and far to help them transform the way they communicate, acquire new clients, and do business in general. Every great cooperation starts with a well-formed strategy. When we partner with clients, we work closely with them to develop a comprehensive plan to identify new opportunities and capture audience attention to ensure long-term success.

Who We Are

We are creative and passionate innovators who simply love what we do, shaping the world! We build, brighten and bring B2B company brands to the spotlight together. We leverage your unique strengths and create strategic roadmaps that help deliver the right customers to you. Our team offers unique creative solutions to our clients, and we are determined to see every project through, guiding it to success. 

What We Do

We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help B2B organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and thrive. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, so we start the process by creating an individual package that best suits your needs. We help you get where you want to be and push you to soar even higher than you ever imagined possible.


We Reinvigorate Your Sales Team 

Our results-oriented team has significant experience developing and perfecting top-performing sales systems. We've mastered the art of in-person sales, phone sales, and selling online. We craft unique presentations and scripts for your team to use and provide consultation, training, and share proven strategies to boost your closing rate dramatically.
Our training helps maximize the performance of your operation and provide you with tangible, real-life results. We provide your team the additional knowledge, an enhanced skill set, and the motivation to succeed. 


We Flood Your Sales Funnel With Closable Leads

Lead generation takes time, and sadly, most sales and marketing teams either don't have the time or experience how traditional practices fail in today's market. By sticking to past practices and old methods, your company will experience zero to little sales growth. On the other hand, with the help of our innovative lead generation solutions – based on the current sales cycle – and on the real-life desires, needs and wants of your target audience, your company could soar. We consistently deliver leads to your sales pipeline. Not just regular leads, but qualified and closable ones, to ensure a profitable future for your organization. 



Content is King

Content marketing is the most profitable type of marketing for modern B2B companies. 94% of B2B buyers conclude significant research before making a buying decision. You have to make sure that your audience finds your content before your competitors', and that you are providing the MOST VALUE in order to initiate a meaningful relationship that results in business partnership.
Our clients who are focused on delivering high-quality content, usually get twice as many qualified leads. We provide ultra-high quality content creation and social media management services for B2B companies in native English and Hungarian. With the right content marketing strategy, you will keep your target audience engaged and produce more sales in the long-run.


Optimized for Sales

Our outstanding marketing, designer and developer specialists unite as one to craft you the website your company deserves.

A website which is not only modern, stylish, responsive, and in harmony with your brand, but which perfectly communicates the core values and excellence of your team and organization to your audience. A website that makes the visitors want to get to know you better.

Athletic WebDesign


We Craft Brands That Captivate The Audience

Our Brand Strategy services will put you at the top of the field. We create smart, innovative communication channels that take you where you need to be. With our sharp ideas, elegant work, and persuasive communication, we will infuse your entire brand with a unified strategy, voice and look to maximize your return on investment.​

Corporate Branding is a useful optional extra of our complex branding services. We work with you to create a comprehensive brand identity that tells your visual story and create a system that ensures a consistent message. This leads to an increase in your perceived brand value, more engaged employees, and attracting the most passionate and talented professionals to your team.

And even more...

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